Kenyan photojournalist Boniface Mwangi honored with Dutch Prize

Kenyan photojournalist, Boniface Mwangi was named one of the winners of the 2012 Prince Claus Prize.

The annual prize, named after the late husband of Dutch Queen Beatrix, is awarded to people who make a difference in terms of culture or development. Boniface Mwangi, is famous for the recent graffiti art in Nairobi, denouncing the corrupt practices of Kenya’s politicians. The art often feature vultures because he says, “they show our leaders for who they are: they’re scavengers”.

Before turning to graffiti, Mwangi was a photographer. During the post election violence in Kenya, his pictures were published all over the world, including in The New York Times and The Guardian. But his photos were censored in Kenya. The violence left him so disillusioned with his country’s politicians that he decided to put down his camera and take up graffiti activism.


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