Kenyan Online Thrift Stores You Need To Know About

Shopping on a budget for high-end unique fashion pieces has been a great deal amongst us, even our Kenyan influencers have normalized thrift shopping by showcasing thrift hauls.

“Mitumba”, the preferred name for thrifted items in Kenya, was banned from being imported, due to the Coronavirus pandemic but got lifted after appeals. In honor of the never ending Kenyan thrifting culture, here are some among many online thrift stores that are just sensational.


The two-pieces, jumpsuits and rompers collections in this page are to die for, definitely earns you some chic and boho looks. Nguo Nzuri has cool detailed tees that’s fit for punk and girl-next-door casual looks; perfect for chilled outdoor activities or just chilling at home with your bun up.


Need a quick fix for a brunch? Thrift with Mueni is your stop. The store majorly stocked in chic and good old school vibes pieces. Their page layout gives you look inspirations of how you could pair pieces up; how handful?!


The sweat one breaks trying to find men’s thrift stores is unimaginable, but 3-fty is an all-inclusive online thrift store that brings you smart casual, streetwear,  and chic sportswear. They use models, detailed catchy captions, and fun videos to showcase their pieces. The page looks so cool you wouldn’t take it for a thrift store.

Fit(h)er by Finesse

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Or just part of the sportswear all week group; this page has it all for you. The creator brings out her love for fitness through her page; pairing up cute thrifted activewear for you and posting up motivations for your journey.

Mahambi market

Mahambi is a unique recently formed e-commerce website that allows people to open accounts and sell their items straight out of our wardrobes. The website provides a variety of affordable thrift clothes.

Thrift shopping has no doubt grown from the normal “mitumba” stalls to online stores and actual websites with brand reps……well that’s some fast fashion control!!!

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