Kenyan Millennial YouTube Channels To Watch

The Kenyan YouTube scene is busting with talent. There are many content creators sharing their stories and skills on a variety of topics. Below are some entertaining Kenyan millennial content creators who are pushing boundaries with their amazing content and conversations:

East Meets West

Hosted by longtime friends of Bobby, Sami, Cecil, Laura, Sasha, Dominic, and Ray, this channel boasts of having some of the most interactive, entertaining, and thought-provoking conversations on experiences that Kenyan millennials go through. The topics range from Love & Relationships, sex to Nairobi Nightlife. These coupled with the fun challenges that they indulge in makes this channel a must-watch.

Chebet Ronoh

Rono’s sense of humor is legendary and this makes her channel so deserving of a slot in this list. Her content has various entertaining segments such as Reacting To Your Dirty Secrets, 15 Questions With and Storytime, etc.

Master Trail

This is the most if not one of the most underrated channels on this list. It is hosted by 5 friends Emmanuel, KT, Bill, Jamal, and Luigi who commonly refer to themselves as 5 guys on a couch. In this channel, the 5 pals discuss various issues affecting young men in Kenya and these discussions are normally served with a healthy dose of humor and hilarious memes.

By Neka

If you are looking to have a good laugh, then this is the place to be. By Neka sassiness and conviction makes her channel very interesting to watch. Her storytelling prowess and memes in between will have you rolling on the floor.

UKE Webcast

This channel is all about navigating womanhood. The hosts Natasha, Claire, Valentine, Stephanie, and Wacuka, have candid conversations on matters that affect women such as body shaming, financial consciousness, fears, confidence, etc.


She is without a doubt one of Kenya’s most iconic YouTube storytellers. Her ability to make a funny story from bad experiences is just entertaining to watch. Her versatile content also features travel vlogs, fashion hauls, skincare, etc.

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