Kenyan Menswear Brands We Are Loving Right Now

For many of us, December and drip go hand in hand, we love to hit the holiday parties in style. And with these Kenyan menswear designers, gentlemen, you now know who to go to for that wardrobe makeover you so badly need.

We look forward to the day dapper well dressed Kenyan men like the Captain, Vinie O will be all over the streets and we are happy to help in any way we can. We took to IG to look for some of the talented minds and hands dressing the few Kenyan men we see looking fly out here every once in a while…

Vinie O geting his Wakanda On!

The first designer we are putting you on to is photographer turned menswear creator Gitau George of Style_me_George . After wowing us with bespoke suits made for his clients we are pleasantly surprised at his latest 2 piece casual suits. Gitau says the pieces are both traditional and urban. They are made from 100% quality cotton fabrics, take 4-5 days to make and are affordably priced at 10k.

Mosyke Suits is yet another fave who continues to impress as you will see when you check out his Instagram. Mosyke designs for the all round stylish Kenyan guy who dresses up for work or play. Guys, how cool are these shirts and coats below? The blouses go for 650KES and the coats 14500KES.

Brands like Zeddie Loki’s Narok NYC and recently rebranded BOGUK continue to push the limits.

Other established names to familiarize yourself with are Ashok Sunny, Nick Ondu and Sao_Satorial.

Ashok Sunny

If your style is more edgier, names like Monoxrome_ and Kenya Shirts are your best bet.


For the man who loves his accessories; our current faves include Oye Africa‘s stylish sandals, Brian Kivuti’s eye catching silver pieces and Suave Bags!

Brian Kivuti

Happy December… support local brands and shop from these and other fabulous Kenyan owned fashion businesses.

List compiled together with Mosyke.








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