Kenyan matatu driver installs free Wi-Fi network for commuters

07 June of 2013 by

Public transport in Nairobi just got a little more exciting (as if its wasn’t exciting already) as matatus have now started installing Wi-Fi networks to attract more commuters, providing free internet as well as sockets to charge wireless devices.

Vincent Swale Sakura, told Citizen TV the installation of Wi-Fi was a step forward to providing quality service for his customers. His matatu also has sockets for charging various devices.

“I have sockets for charging phones and laptops. In case your laptop or smartphone is running out of power, it’s as simple as taking your charger and plugin and continue using your service” Sakura said.

Sakura said he’s also planning to install CCTV cameras in the matatu to stop car hijackings plus monitor operations.



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