Kenyan Literary Resources We Recommend Checking Out

For a long time, our stories have been told by other people. However, there are writers and collectives that seek to change this. Literature is the best way to know more about our people and culture.


Kwani? is a literary magazine that is both a publisher and promoter of creative writing. Kwani was formed in 2003. Notably, Binyavanga Wainana, Kenyan author, journalist, and winner of the Caine Prize was the founding editor of the magazine. The focus of the mag is Kenyan content. However, they do publish works across the continent. Kwani also has a trust that offers training opportunities for writers. The writers who join in have a pool of global network access to literary agents, publishers, and literary events writers. The third subsidiary of Kwani is kwanini? which are the pocket-sized books they publish. The final subsidiary of Kwani is their open mic that is held every month. Check out the details on their Instagram for the next Open Mic. You can purchase their literary works here.


Lolwe is a literary magazine founded by Troy Onyango. The online magazine publishes literature and photography. The magazine includes Kenyan as well as African content. In addition to the magazine, Lolwe has a bookstore that sells both Kenyan and African literature.  Lastly, lolwe offers writing classes for writers seeking to hone their craft in specific areas. More info here.

James Murua’s Literature Blog

A resource when it comes to all things literature. The blog is owned by James Murua. He  describes himself as a “Nairobi, Kenya-based blogger, journalist, and podcaster who has written for a variety of media outlets in a career spanning print, web, and TV.” 

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