Kenyan Ladies Pretty Excited Over Konshens’ Upcoming Show

Jamaican singer Konshens has been in Nairobi since Wednesday night readying up for the Hype Fest Concert set for this Saturday at the Ngong Race Course, Nairobi.

It’s not the first time the singer is in the country. Konshens has been in Kenya several times but, this is actually the first time the singer is stepping in Kenya as a single man and Nairobi ladies are not hiding their excitement.

Konshens and his wife of almost 10 years, Latoya Wright, called it quits last week.

Latoya then posted several posts on social media saying that she wants fans to know he’s a single man, something that sent Nairobi ladies into a frenzy.

“I am a single woman so whatever Konshens does with his life has absolutely nothing to do with me,” she wrote.

“I’m not into advertising my personal life online but I need everyone to know this so if and when he starts with the ‘single man acts’ then y’all know he really is single and it’s ok for him to act however he pleases.”

On Social media, a lot of ladies promised to attend the show and watch the Jamaican perform all with hopes of replacing Wright.

Janet Murage said: There goes our bae… A divorcee, now in Kenya mtu mmoja atuwakilishe jameika.. Mchague mkikuyu mtu ataweza kukula vizuri atuletee mapesa na buroti magutamaguta si kutuletea mimba Kama tanasha.,,mimba tutakula

“Already feeling two months pregnant for him… oh my goes,” said a fan on social media.

“This dude should have mercy on my ovaries my golgis are shaking and you don’t want to know how my uterus is singing kako Lolo,” joked another.

Konshens is set to perform alongside Chris Kaiga, Sailors, Ochungulo family, Ethic, Kansoul, Bensoul and Gwaash.

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