Kenyan Journalist Wins International Award

KTN News journalist Beldeen Walialula has received an international award after being feted in Merck Foundation Media Awards for her story ‘Being a deaf mum in Kenya is hell!’.

Waliaula’s story which was published in 2022 highlighted the struggles deaf mothers go through in accessing health care.

According to the journalist, her story ideas are informed by her desire to impact society and help in finding a solution to major challenges facing society.

“I decided to do the story of deaf mothers after reports of most of them dying in maternity wards due to lack of attention as they can’t communicate. I am hoping to impact society as the story has a solution at the end,” she stated. 

Waliaula further shared how the awards were an encouragement to continue highlighting challenges with the goal of influencing a solution.

“The award to me is a recognition that deaf mother’s plight needs to be heard. It is also an indication that as a journalist I am doing my job to create awareness of what needs to be changed in our society,” she stated.

Her award came days after yet another recognition in the United Nations Women’s Awards for her story about a middle-aged woman donating breast milk to children’s homes in a bid to help infants.

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