Kenyan Jewellery Designer Theresia Kyalo Featured On Beyonce’s Official Website

Kenyan Jewellery designer Theresia Kyalo is elated after award-winning American singer Beyonce recognized and promoted her artwork by sharing it on her official website.

Beyonce posted a cover and link to Kyalo’s work categorized under  “Directory of Black Owned Businesses”, on her new Black Parade column. With her work positioned on Beyonce’s platform, Kyalo is likely to attract a huge following which is a reflection of the millions of fans and Beyonce supporters.

Speaking in regard to this support, Kyalo told her fans that Beyonce approves that they should shop from her jewellery store.

“Wadau, Beyoncé amesema muendele kushop THERESIA KYALO.” She tweeted

The 24-year-old Kenyan is an artist based in Nairobi and has been on this line of work for over four years now.

Despite being a degree holder, Kyalo’s active role and contribution in the art industry is slowly propelling her toward becoming among the most recognized designers locally and globally for her outstanding craft.

Some of her jewellery collection include; handcrafted brass jewellery, brass and bone jewellery and other designs borrowed from symbols linked to other African tribes from Ghana and Cote d’ivoire.

In a previous interview with Nataal, Kyalo explained how her jewellery art designing came to be and the visual aspect behind her designs.

“I started with line drawing but wanted to make my work tangible so I started experimenting with brass and metal and I liked it,” she said.

With her assorted designs of  (head, nose, lip, ear) pieces and rings selling at quite an affordable price, she possibly attracts a huge clientele in the Kenyan market.

The endorsement from Beyonce marks a milestone in her jewellery design career with her work being displayed on such a huge platform.





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