Kenyan Influencers Cut Ties with Safaricom Over Finance Bill 2024 Controversy

Kenyan influencers have made headlines by cutting ties with Safaricom, expressing their disapproval of the company’s stance on the Finance Bill 2024.

Taking to social media, these influencers voiced their frustration with Safaricom, accusing the telecom giant of aligning with authorities amid recent civil unrest.

Mike Muchiri, a veteran influencer for Safaricom, announced his decision, stating, “I’ve been promoting @SafaricomPLC for years. Today, I’m ending that relationship. I cannot, in good conscience, continue to support a brand that has betrayed the very people it should stand by. #RejectFinanceBill2024.”

Magunga, who had been a loyal Safaricom partner for over a decade, expressed his disappointment on Twitter: “It’s a tough call since I’ve been with @SafaricomPLC for more than ten years. But after yesterday’s actions, I’m ashamed to be associated. Our lives and our sovereignty mean more than any paycheck.”

Kimanzi echoed these sentiments, stating, “I am a Kenyan first and foremost. @SafaricomPLC sided with oppressors, leading to mass killings and abductions. Can I continue working with such a brand? Absolutely not. No amount of money is worth more than human life.”

Shoba Gatimu also spoke out, declaring, “I refuse to work with a company that betrays us, aiding the government in tracking down and harming Kenyans protesting for their rights. I will not work with traitors.”

Dennis Ombachi joined in, stating, “As for the green army on Waiyaki Way, I’m done working with you. Our values no longer align! #RejectFinanceBill2024.”

Adelle Onyango showed solidarity with Ombachi, adding, “I salute you @ombachi13 and join you in boycotting the green army who can fix undersea cables in hours but fail us in critical times.”

Kate Actress also took to her Instagram today to sever ties with the communication company.

“PSA: Silence is betrayal! I will no longer be working with @safaricomplc_ as an influencer, not on our departed brothers blood!” she wrote.

This influencer boycott follows widespread criticism of Safaricom’s role in recent internet shutdowns and alleged cooperation with government authorities, intensifying tensions during protests over the Finance Bill 2024.

In response, Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa addressed the backlash, apologizing for the network disruption and clarifying the company’s position on the Finance Bill.

He explained that the outage was due to reduced bandwidth on international cables, affecting multiple telecom providers. “I sincerely apologize for the network outage that began on June 25, 2024. It was caused by reduced bandwidth on some international cables, impacting the entire industry. We’re working tirelessly to restore the service you deserve.”

Regarding the Finance Bill, Ndegwa stated that Safaricom participated in public consultations and denied sharing private customer data with authorities. “Safaricom does not disclose customer information or their locations. We adhere strictly to data privacy laws and will continue to do so. We are deeply rooted in Kenyan society and believe in the resilience of the Kenyan people,” he affirmed.

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