Kenyan Immigration Makes Passport Process Less Stressful

Starting from September 2020, Kenyans will be able to pick up their passports at their postal addresses.

The Immigration Department and the Postal Corporation of Kenya (Posta Kenya) signed an MOU to have Postal Corporation of Kenya deliver passports directly to the applicants.

Anyone who has dealt with the queues at Nyayo House and other application centers would be delighted to hear this forward-thinking move by the government.

As most government services have gone digital thanks to portals like E-Citizen, additional changes such as these are a sign that Kenya is slowly moving in the right direction and that the government officials are thinking of solutions that make our lives easier.

Kenya is currently in the process of replacing old passports with new generation e-passports.

Here’s a Kenyan Youtuber’s Vlog Eva Mtalii explaining some differences between the two passports.

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