Kenyan Home Decor DIY YouTube Channels To Inspire The Interior Designer In You

Social distancing has made many people search deep within their talents and explore them due to the free time it has come with. More and more people have been able to engage in activities they wouldn’t normally indulge in such as cooking, gardening, interior décor, and DIY projects among others.

They say that East or West, home is best. So why not take advantage of the free time in your hands to improve your happy place? At the moment, the consumption of online entertainment is at an all-time high and while you binge-watch your favorite shows, below are some YouTube channels to inspire the DIY home décor talent in you, on a budget of course:

Muthoni Gitau

She is hands down one of the most industrious and talented DIY content creators in Kenya. Her creative designs and home makeovers are simply breathtaking, arguably making her the queen of DIYs in Kenya. Muthoni’s woodwork skills are also impeccable and her eye for beautiful creations is earning her fans daily. It is a good channel for those interested in woodwork projects. Check out KV interview with Muthoni Gitau

DIY With Jojo

This channel is home of easy DIY projects as most of her designs are easy to make and use locally available materials. Jojo also does very cute up-cycling projects and will hook you up with the latest and best deals in town, as far as DIYs and home decor are concerned.

The Teri Winfred

This bubbly content creator has really inspiring videos. Her minimal spaces tour will inspire you to upgrade your bedsitter to mansion-like space without even moving out. Terri also makes DIY décor items that will definitely spruce up your space.

Yvonne Kendi

She is without a doubt a home styling expert. Her channel focuses mainly on organizing and styling spaces. Kendi does simple but chic makeovers thus will inspire you to rearrange your rooms into picturesque spaces. Her organizational hacks will help you kiss clutter goodbye.

Karolle Muturi

Karolle’s channel is a space for beautiful yet affordable DIY home décor ideas. She as also been kind enough to do a number of DIY beginner-friendly videos, to guide her viewers through some of the basics of DIY home décor creation. This channel will help your shake off your beginner fears.

Now that you have the plug, enjoy your home decor projects.

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