Kenyan Food Blogger Kaluhi Adagala Launches Second Book

Top Kenyan food blogger Kaluhi Adagala has launched her book titled ‘Kaluhi’s Sumptuous Soups.’ This book is her second one after her debut book which was titled ‘In My Kitchen.’ The food blogger had earlier promised her fans a new book via her social media.

According to the food blogger, Kaluhi’s Sumptuous Soups is packed with tons of all year round, flavorful recipes for various soups and other delicious meals such as garlic naan, savory crepes, meaty saucy sandwiches, a variety of pestos, and cheesy toppings just to mention a few.

The book is available both in physical copy and e-book. Physical copies are being sold exclusively at Rafu Books for KES 2,700 while the e-books are available for KES 1,500 via Kaluhi’s official website here.

Kaluhi has grown to be one of Kenya’s most popular food bloggers. Her blog Kaluhi Kitchen has received various accolades including multiple BAKE Awards. In 2017, the self-taught food blogger was mentioned among the world’s top 30 food bloggers by Prestel US’ publication ‘Beyond The Plate.’

Her Youtube channel has a loyal following with over 65K subscribers and it is home to a variety of food recipes such as mocktails, soups,  cocktails, salads, pastries, fruit juices, meats, etc.

Congratulations Kaluhi

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