Kenyan Filmmakers We Are Watching This Year

There are a number of Kenyan filmmakers working extremely hard to grow film both at home and around the world.

Rafiki director Wanuri Kahiu is making headlines yet again as her latest project is due to be released on Netflix next month.

Phill IT TV’S Abel Mutua is shedding more light on the business side of film in the country as he shares some of the wins and pains of the industry. Speaking about their latest movie Click Click Bang; Mutua shares how to navigate and save costs without compromising on quality.

We got a chance to attend a Kenyan movie night at IHub courtesy of Creative Economy and My Movies Africa; where there was an exclusive showing of the award-winning and internationally acclaimed movie titled Why U Hate.
This year we’ve also seen releases from Kaka Empire and Ahmed Farah.

We recently discovered My Movies Africa and we can’t wait to explore what Kenyan movies are on there. Check it out

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