Kenyan Film ‘You Again’ Is One For Your Watch List This Holiday Season

Kenyan film ‘You Again’ is one to add to your watch list this holiday season. The film, written by Natasha Likimani is proficiently directed by Nick Mutuma (who also stars in the film) and Natasha herself. It vividly brings to life troubles the young are facing in society: gravitating towards humour, real-life situations and romance. The fun cast that included Mimi Mars, Amalie Chopetta Morris Mwangi, Lenana Karibe, Kate Snow and Neomi Nganga brought the film to its relatable-millennial-ground.

You Again depicts what it’s like for many Kenyan graduates: the joblessness, the lack of finances, the taking advantage of young pretty women in the workplace, how looks seemingly sell more than skills, friendships, relationships, and more.

Many kudos to all the leading acts Nick Mutuma who plays Kingsley, a sophisticated romantic young man, living under his father’s roof with feuds due to his jobless state despite having pursued a masters degree. The character brought to life a young man’s life in the typical Kenyan society. Mimi Mars who plays Sophia, a young pretty lady who had undergone a heartbreak, lost a job which she was being underpaid; she finally got a pay raise in her new job but unfortunately lost it after declining her boss’s advances. Her character brought to life beauty, discipline, focus and skill! The film is a mood magnet that is highly recommended for all, with its lessons vividly drawn in between the script lines.

The film sold Kenya in its best nature from supporting Kenyan music, with scores cutting from artistes such as Xeniah Mannaseh, Muthoni the Drummer Queen, Kagwe Mungai, Wendy Kemunto,Taio Tripper, Decimal Records,Earlwin, Dira and the OG himself Khaligraph Jones, this is one for the millennials and definitely a film worth more views on YouTube!