Kenyan Film Students to Work with European Tour Productions

The 2019 Kenya Open Golf Championship is taking a different route this year in terms of production and broadcast.

According to Information Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru, interns from Kenya Film School will now be used as production interns by European Tour production in broadcasting of live games.

“I am happy to announce here that I have reached agreements with organizers of The Kenya Open Golf Championship 2019 to take in current students as production interns to work alongside the European Tour production team who produce live broadcast feed for Golf globally,” said the CS during the graduation on Friday.

“This means that selected students will now be part of a team that will produce over 2,200 live broadcast hours and showcase Kenya to over 490 Million homes across the world, between 14th and 17th March.”

European Tour Productions (ETP) produces and distributes coverage of The Ryder Cup, The Open and all European Tour, Senior Tour and Challenge Tour events.

Kenya Film School students are expected to get maximum exposure from this partnership. The CS, however, didn’t mention whether it will be a yearly thing.

The deal, which follows yet another from the ministry rewarding young talented script writers with Ksh 2 million, is a show by the Government that it’s committed to work with the film industry to unlock opportunity for Kenyan youth.

“As part of this promotion of Kenya as a filming destination, I can announce today that over the next three months, we shall be receiving international film industry players into the country to explore Kenya as a filming destination,” added

“In addition to scouting for filming locations, they will also be in the country to explore the possibility of turning an already existing blockbuster screenplay, based on a true story, into an actual movie.”

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