Kenyan Film ‘Safari’ To Premiere In Netherlands

Kenyan film ‘Safari’ is set to premiere in the Netherlands on October 17 during the Cinekid Festival.

Safari, a movie directed by Bill Afwani and produced by Rocque Pictures, tells a story about a wheelchair-bound boy who is taken on a Safari adventure by the cheeky girl next door Kiki.

Together, they try to see as many wild animals in real life as possible–and above all elephant Jumbo. But they come across evil poachers who make money hunting animals. The tale of Safari and his friend Kiki’s adventure touches on many elements of life in rural Kenya today, from living with disabilities to poaching yet still manages to convey the playfulness of traditional children’s adventure stories.

The Safari movie was inspired by how kids have fun and get to escape the mental cages that hold back grown-ups.

“In my childhood, heart-warming movies of adventurous kids having fun at the same time escaping perilous grounds always transported me to a visceral fantasy world that I wished I could physically experience,” said Afwani.

“Movies like Home Alone, Free Willy, and Africa United that showed fun-loving children in dangerous situations exhibiting heroic characteristics kept kids glued. Safari is the movie I wish I had watched when I was young.”

Safari is written by Kevin Njue and is being distributed internationally by Rushlake Media.

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