Kenyan Cuisine At The Forefront As Davido Relishes Nyama Choma, Mutura & Managu

In 2023, Davido revealed some of his favorite creators on TikTok including The Roaming Chef.

The Roaming Chef officially; Dennis Ombachi asked to collaborate with the ‘Unavailable’ singer when he followed him, and the moment has come full circle as he got to cook for him this past weekend.

The Nigerian native superstar who revealed he follows The Roaming Chef because his wife Chioma does cooking videos too was in the country for RAHA fest and visited Ombachi’s famous balcony for some of the Kenyan favorite cuisine.

Davido Enjoys Mutara, Nyama Choma, Managu, and Ugali on Dennis OMbachi’s Balcony

Sharing the process of making some of Kenya’s favorite dishes, Ombachi made him Nyamachoma, Mutura, Managu, Kachumbari, Ugali and Mokimo.

“Let’s make Davido some Nyamachoma and Mutura on the Balcony.” He said.

Davido who later joined Ombachi, exclaimed; “The Famous Balcony” upon arriving in Ombachi’s home, devouring everything that had been plated.

Ombach said the singer enjoyed the meal.

“He enjoyed every dish on the plate, especially the Nyama Choma, Mutura, and Managu.”

Davido also shared he enjoyed the dishes, saying “This thing is sweet, I no go lie.”

Some of the stars who joined Davido on the famous Balcony include Iyanya, Rayvanny, and krg the Don

Some of the dishes Davido got to try included, brown Ugali, Sagaa, Terere, and Mrenda, as well as roasted goat liver and Omena.