Kenyan Creators Elated As They Start Reaping Rewards From X’s New Ad Revenue Policy

X,formerly Twitter, has kicked off the implemantation of its fresh Ad Revenue Sharing Policy, unleashing a wave of exhilaration as creators rake in their payouts. This revamped policy has breathed new life into the earnings game for content creators and influencers, offering them three avenues to fatten their wallets: Amplify Sponsorships, Amplify Pre-Roll, and Monthly Subscriptions.

The days of a stringent eligibility threshold are over, with X making it easier for creators to cash in. To be eligible to earn under the new guidelines, creators must first lock in a Twitter Blue account, a premium version that unlocks that coveted blue tick. Next, they need to flaunt a minimum of 5 million tweet impressions in the past three months,a decrease from the previous 15 million required before. Lastly, they need to have a respectable squad of at least 10,000 followers.

Unveiling the Money-Making Magic

Curious how the magic unfolds? Let’s break it down:

The Amplify Pre-Roll is the name of the game, where creators seamlessly pair up with pre-roll ads from eager companies. These ads are hitched to a creator’s premium video content, with tags meticulously chosen for each video. It’s like playing matchmaker with ads! Creators hold the reins to choose which videos get monetized and the companies that’ll advertise alongside them. These pre-roll ads fuel the ad revenue sharing extravaganza, with creators pocketing their slice of the ad-generated cake.

The Amplify Sponsorships, folks, that’s where the real synergy kicks in. Brands and creators shake hands for a brand-safe partnership. The top-notch videos from an Amplify partner (i.e the creator) faeature an advertiser’s short clip, sharing space with a creator’s tweet. Thanks to some algorithmic magic, it’s a seamless merger. And yes, creators get a juicy slice of the revenue pie here too!

Enter Monthly Subscriptions. Think of it as an exclusive club. Creators dish out VIP content to their subscribers, who happily dish out their money for that unique backstage pass. From behind-the-scenes goodness to early content previews, it’s all about creating a closer bond with followers.

Kenyan Creators Rejoice Over X’s Earnings Bonanza

Kenyan creators are on cloud nine as they ride the waves of X’s Ad Revenue Sharing Policy. For instance,Ja Loka (@_fels1), who woke up to an email that sparked both joy and disbelief. He shared, “Kumbe Elon Musk was serious about Ads Revenue Sharing. I just woke up to an email, na ametuma za kabej kabla nipigwe na kitefutefu😂. Fantastic!” What a fantastic surprise!

Social media maven Janet Machuka (@JanetMachuka), co-founder of Africa Tweet Chat, couldn’t contain her excitement either. She echoed, “People are making money out here from X ad revenue sharing and I’m happy. Love seeing X users in Kenya winning❤️.” It’s a winning streak indeed!

Joining them was Mr Right KE, who lightened the mood with a jest: “I said that I will be sharing some of my Ads Revenue with guys who engage me. Today am buying supper to 8 comrades. Unataka kula nini?🤔” Sharing the wealth and spreading smiles!

X, in a series of tweets, assured us that this is just the beginning. Their Ad Revenue Sharing Policy is a living, breathing entity, constantly evolving to cater to creators’ needs and audience engagement. This policy isn’t just about earning; it’s about building a presence and making waves.Even as X’s new Ad Revenue Sharing Policy turns pockets heavier and dreams brighter,the stalled 2023 Finance Bill has its eye on a 15% withholding tax ,should it be passed.