Kenyan Creatives Join President Ruto As Part Of The Delegation To the USA, Meet Hollywood Legends

President William Ruto is on a US visit this week.

Part of his entourage has been Kenyan creatives including Eddie Butita, Kate Actress, Sharon Mundia, and the Founder & CEO of Vivo fashion group Wandia Gichuru.

President Ruto visit which among other things seeks to put more effort and resources into the creative sector saw his delegation pay a visit to Tyler Perry Studios.

Eddie Butita and President Ruto Visit to Tyler Perry Studios

Eddie Butita, part of the head of states delegation joined President Ruto at his visit in Tyler Perry Studios.

Sharing his experience, Butita posted …

“Arrival at Tyler Perry Studios for a tour and Luncheon with His Exellency President William Ruto, First lady Racheal Ruto, Ambassador Meg Whitman and CEO tyler Perry studios.”

The delegation was received by Comedian and TV show host Steve Harvey.

Speaking about his interaction with Steve Harvey, Butita wrote;

“I saw you on Youtube” words from Steve Harvey.

Thank you Mr President for this honourable connection, meeting Steve Harvey Has been a dream for the past 14 years today it became a reality.”

He added;

“We had great conversations on how to equip and train talents for business success in showbiz it is show and Business and I’m happy our creatives are factored in this conversations.”

President Ruto encourages Butita to build a huge impressive studio such as Tyler Perry Studios

President Ruto commented and told Butita to build a similar studio in Kenya.

Mr. President also shared insights from the Tyler Perry Studio visit.

“The Tyler Perry Studios tour was an inspiration to put more effort and resources in the creative sector of our economy.

I am encouraged by the huge potential for collaboration and partnership with such institutions that could help our young talented youth to monetize their creativity.

Toured the Tyler Perry Studios, Atlanta, Georgia USA”