Kenyan Creative Sherry Davis Recognized At Prestigious Creative Entrepreneurs Award

‘Ode to the Ancestors’ founder Sherry Davis, has been recognized for her outstanding work in creative entrepreneurship. As a beneficiary of The British Council’s Culture Connects program, Sherry’s project has received a significant boost by being awarded the Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Entrepreneurs (DBACE) in partnership with MeWe360. This prestigious accolade includes a cash prize of £10,000. It will be instrumental in furthering the goals of her arts organization, Rehema Cultural Arts.

Sherry Davis

This year, the Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Entrepreneurs commemorates 30 years of honoring and supporting individuals who have made a positive social impact through their businesses. This recognition speaks volumes about Sherry’s dedication to her craft and her significant contributions to society.

Sherry Davis was born to a Kenyan mother and a Jamaican father. With a background as a former Community Action Researcher at the Horniman Museum, Sherry’s expertise in the field of cultural heritage and archaeology shines through in her project. Moreover, the National Museums of Kenya was crucial in curating the project, which aims to honor and celebrate African Kenyan archaeologists whose names have been unjustly omitted from historical archives.

Inspiration Behind The ‘Ode To The Ancestors’ Project

Sherry’s connection to the project stems from her grandfather, Karisa Ndurya. An African Kenyan archaeologist who played a vital role in excavating monuments in Kenya. Despite his significant contributions, his name has been overlooked. Inspired by her grandfather’s story, Sherry embarked on a journey to learn about his work and the broader history of African archaeologists who were denied recognition during the colonial period.

The British Council’s Culture Connects program facilitated collaborations between Kenyan grantees and their UK partners. It has been instrumental in supporting projects like Sherry’s. This initiative promotes cultural exchange through art, fostering meaningful connections and new opportunities for artistic expression. Sherry’s project explores various categories, including research, new connections, and new art co-creation, showcasing the multidimensionality of her vision.

Receiving DBACE 2023 provides Sherry Davis and Rehema Cultural Arts with much-needed financial support. Furthermore, it validates the importance of their mission. The recognition amplifies their message and ensures that the stories and contributions of African Kenyan archaeologists will be known.

Sherry’s dedication to celebrating her ancestors and shedding light on the hidden narratives within history serves as an inspiration to creative entrepreneurs and cultural enthusiasts alike. With the support of DBACE and the British Council’s Culture Connects program, ‘Ode to the Ancestors’ has the potential to make an even more significant impact, encouraging dialogue, and promoting cultural exchange on a global scale.

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