Kenyan Couple Touring The World On Motorbikes

25 January of 2019 by

An outgoing Kenyan couple has embarked on a journey to visit the 7 continents by road on their motorbikes. Highlighting their incredible adventure on BBC Africa, Wamuyu and Dos Kariuki sa they sold everything they owned and hopped on their BWM F700 Bikes for a journey of a lifetime.

So far, they’ve travelled to 10 countries including Tanzania, Zanzibar, Mauritius, and Malawi. They are the first Kenyans to do such a thing which you’d typically think is a white people thing.

The couple documents their experience and survival tactics from various countries on their travel vlog, Throttle Adventures. They make stopovers in the different countries to suck in the beauty and tour the attraction sites, as well as do maintenance repairs for the bikes.

The tour is expected to span for 3 years covering all continents.

As they raise awareness of inter-continent travel, the Kariuki’s also highlight problems they encounter. For instance, entry visa requirements, booking affordable hotel rooms, camping in a foreign land, food and the whole experience that challenges their world view.

If you have been thinking about crossing the border for adventure now you have a reason to.


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