Kenyan Consumers Continue To Engage With South African Wines

In just five months, one of the biggest regional wine shows will be taking place in Cape Town, South Africa. And Kenyan media and trade partners have over the past week been learning, sharing and growing their bases of knowledge about South African wines.

The curve has been slow and steady over the past few years – the end goal being to broaden the scope and understanding of the Kenyan market to what South African wines are all about.

A media and trade tasting event was recently held that allowed conversation and questions on the brand, vintages, and a more intimate appreciation of partners in attendance, to the scope of what WOSA has to offer.

WOSA has been working pretty hard in Kenya which is a burgeoning wine market itself – from the Inaugural Grand Tasting in Nairobi in 2015, to a follow up wine show held in 2016 that brought together hundreds of guests from the industry, to media partners to consumers who love to talk about and drink wine.

We wrote about WOSA’s 2016 tour of Nairobi HERE.

Capital FM’s Wanjira Longauer at a previous edition of WOSA in Nairobi

But that’s not all – WOSA dedicated 20 slots for media and trade partners to the Cape Wine show in 2015, its continued with trade trainings over the past three years that only grow in terms of participants, its partnered with a wine connoisseur and local blogger – Jean Wandimi – a few years ago at the CAPEable Wine Fest and it continues, through Kenya representative Winejiru Limited, to engage consumers and media partners on featured estates as well as importers!

Selected images from the 2018 Grand Tasting courtesy of Winejiru


Head over to for more details on the upcoming Cape Wine Festival 2018 which is set to be held from the 12th to the 14th of September.

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Below are just a few of the featured Estates in the 2018 Nairobi series of events:

 Avondale Wine Estate, Paarl

Boland Cellar, Paarl

Catherine Marshall, Elgin

Darling Cellars, Darling

DeWetshof, Robertson

Imbuko Wines, Wellington

Ken Forrester Wines, Stellenbosch

Le Vierge Wines, Hermanus

Leopards Leap, Franschhoek

Image Credit: Business Tech ZA


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