Kenyan Celebrities Living Large

Kenyan celebrities love living large and showing off their immense wealth. Some were born into rich families and some earned what they have. From Akothee to Anerlisa Muigai, check out some rich local celebrities.


The member of parliament has a wide range of cars, expensive wear and loves to treat his children to the best of worlds. Despite coming from a humble background Charles Njagua has risen to become one of the richest celebrities in Kenya.

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President of the single mothers of Kenya is wealthy, loves showing off and has no regrets whatsoever about it. Her Rongo palatial home is just but an example of what she has in and out of the country.  She owns various businesses and has a collection of high-end cars

Shaffie Weru

Radio seems to be paying Shaffie Weru well judging from the lifestyle he lives and the cars he drives. He loves to party with the high and mighty in high-end clubs of Nairobi.

Anerlisa Muigai

The Keroche Breweries heir was born into a rich family and grew up to start her multimillion company as well. She has also been rumoured to be the highest-rated African when it comes to advertising on her Instagram page which earns her a decent amount of cash just from a single post.


Radio, TV, Emceeing and more have earned Jalango space on this list. Jalas has heavily invested his money into different projects.

Eric Omondi

Comedian Eric loves to live like the true Luopean that he is. It’s no doubt that he is among the rich and mighty in the country I mean, he bought his ex-girlfriend Chantal a brand-new BMW for Valentines day leaving many green with envy.

Huddah Monroe

She has to be the richest socialite in Kenya, starting from nothing to building a brand name for herself, she lives in one of the leafy suburbs of Nairobi and owns a cosmetics business across borders.