Kenyan-British Vanessa Kingori To Take Over Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram Account

Kenyan-born British Vogue publishing director, Vanessa Kingori is set to take over Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram account as part of an empowerment project and campaign to kickstart Britain’s black history month.

Kourtney confirmed this move on her official Instagram page revealing that Vanessa will be in control of her account on Thursday, October 1st.

“I am so excited to hand over my Instagram account to @vanessakingori on October 1st! I will take part in #ShareTheMicUK to magnify Black women’s voices. I can’t wait to listen and watch Vanessa take over my account.” she wrote in her post

Vanessa Kingori made the announcement on her social media page informing that the forum will focus on amplifying the voices of women of color.

“If you need me, I’ll be at Kourtney’s. Delighted to take over @kourtneykardash’s IG account on 1st October to magnify black women’s voices as we kick start #blackhistorymonth UK.#sharethemicuk #sharethemicnow.” she stated

In a detailed explanation of what this forum entails, several reports have indicated that the Share The Mic UK is a campaign that was unveiled as part of marking the black history month.

The campaign which is led by Vanessa Kingori and chair of the British Fashion Council Stephanie Pair will see non- black women allow famous black women to take control of their Instagram accounts and discuss several topics and share the achievements made by black women.

This move marks as a great milestone for Vanessa’s career considering that the forum brings together over 70 prominent women with an audience of over 175 million.





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