5 Kenyan Boy Bands We Would Like To See Reunite

Music bands have been there since time immemorial. We have seen both international and local music groups come and go.

Below are some of the iconic boy bands that should consider reuniting:

Boomba Clan

Made up of 5 high school friends Viq, Thome, Phillo, Erico and Peter, this group ruled the Kenyan airwaves during the early to mid-2000s. They were popular for hits such as Chonga Viazi, African Timer and Don’t Touch My Car among others. Their comic and witty lyrics garnered them fans from all corners of the country. Currently, the members of this group who were born and bred in Nairobi’s South B, are running an entertainment outfit called Boomba Entertainment. They shoot music videos, documentaries and commercials among other projects.


This gospel quartet consisted of Maich, Harry Ash, Freddie and Sammy D, is famous for hits such as Birthday, Bad Mind, Goliath and I Live For You. They went silent after Maich went abroad for a leadership training. Currently, the group members are focusing on their individual projects and have not communicated of any plans of jumping back to the studio together.


The gospel trio which was made up of EDU, Njoseh and Mugikuyu were behind certified gospel hits such as Zongelela, Bila Yesu and AJE among others. EDU left the trio to pursue personal interests. Even though Njoseh and Mugikuyu are still producing music, like the song Aje featuring Kris Erroh and Majic Mike, fans still miss the entire crew.


The trio that was made up of high schoolmates Roba, Nyashinki and Collo was formed in 1999. They ruled the airwaves with bangers such a Haree, Tuendelee and Swing swing among others. Even though Nyashinki and Collo are doing very well as solo artistes, it would be nice to see the trio jump back to studio together.



Deux Vultures

This was a duo made up of Colonel Mustapha and Nasty Thomas. These Ogopa Deejays signees were popular for hits such as Katika, Monalisa and Kinyaunyau. They went their separate ways after Nasty Thomas went searching for greener pastures abroad. Mustapha on the hand has been doing solo music and staring in a popular reality show, ‘Nairobi Diaries’



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