“Kenyan Artists Biggest Mistake, They Make Music for Themselves, They Don’t Make Music for Kenyans”

A lot of conversations have been had on what’s ailing the Kenyan music scene, and Kiss 100 breakfast show presenter Kamene Goro has shared her opinion on what might be derailing the industry.

Speaking recently in an interview, Kamene said Kenyan artists produce music that caters to their needs, not the target audience.

“Kenyan Artists Don’t Take Music as a Business” Kamene Goro

“One thing I’ve realized with Kenyan artists is they don’t take music as a business.” She said.

The presenter asked …

“It’s a talent, it’s what you love and it’s what you are passionate about. But is it a business for you?”

She added;

“If you start to take you music as a business, then you start to think of it differently.

When you are running it like a business, are you making a product for yourself? Or are you making your product for a particular market, and who is that market?”

She gave an example in her line of work.

“When I go on air, I have a million stories that I want to talk about my personal life, but who I’m I talking to and what matters to their life?”

Kenyan artists’ biggest mistake is that they make music for themselves, they don’t make music for Kenyans. That’s why we can listen to everybody else.

Kenyan musicians don’t look at the target audience, they do what they want to. That’s why you end up making music for you and not for public consumption.

Kamene comments come after it was recently revealed that 89 songs on the top 100 Kenya apple music apple are Nigerian, 9 are  American and the only Kenyan songs featured are by Bien ‘Inauma & Dimensions’.