Kenyan Artists Ayub Ogada And James Ochieng Credited In Kanye’s New Album

Legendary Kenyan musician Ayub Ogada and his once bandmate James Ochieng might have just scored the biggest mention of their musical ingenuity. This is after the two were mentioned in the credits section of the newly released album by Kanye West.

Kanye just released his 8th Studio Album which has been topping the iTunes chart since the weekend. The 7 track project features multiple artists who worked with Kanye on production and writing.

Ayub and his counterpart James have been featured on track 2, ‘Yikes’ as composers alongside Mike Dean and Kanye West.  On the track, Kanye takes listeners through his recent opioid addiction, which caused him to have suicidal thoughts and bipolar feelings.

However, Ayub seems not to recall what input he had on the song. He spoke to a local daily and said that he’d done so many projects that he could not recall at what point in time he did that job.

In a sleek way to avoid future lawsuits, Kanye’s team might have given full credits to sidestep the legal loophole most Americans have fallen into after failing to clear African Samples.

Ayub’s music is unique for its natural feel, including the chirping of birds, sounds of animals and the voices of children playing in the background. His most famous song ‘Koth Biro’ (Luo for the rain is coming) was played at the Rio 2016 Olympics as athletics legend Kipchoge Keino received the Olympic Laurel award.

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