Kenyan Actresses Who Look Nothing Like Their On-Screen Characters

The Kenyan film industry is growing as a fast rate, fresh talents are being discovered and many are making their ways into Hollywood and Nollywood. Today we look at different actresses who keep us glued to the TV due to their great acting skills. These women have totally different lives and characters when it comes to the real world, one would actually not recognise them if they bumped into them on the streets.

Check out these pictures showing hoe different they look on and off screen


Awinja acts in the popular sitcom Papa Shirandula that airs on Citizen TV, her on screen character is that of a maid employed in Nairobi from upcountry. Away from acting, her real name is Jacky Vicky and she is one of the best female celebrities we have in Kenya.

Wilbroda Nyaminde

Wilbroda is also an actress on Papa Shirandula as his wife and Awinja’s employer. She is eloquent and sophisticated when not portraying her acting skills, look at the real Wilbroda below


Winnie Rubi is an actress on Real Housewives of Kawangware and is known as this loud and rude househelp. She definitely is the complete opposite in real life, we were even shocked seeing these off screen pictures of her.

Mama Baha

Wanjiku Mburu is popularly known by many as Mama Baha of Machachari. In real life You will rarely meet her looking like her character, the typical house-wife as she is stylish to say the least.

Shix Kapienga

Shix has always been known to be kind of a tomboy judging from her acting and dress code. In the real world she loves dressing up in cute dresses, perfect silky weaves and makeup for the gods.