Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) appoints fashion model Ajuma Nasenyana as the new Aberdares National Park Ambassador

Yes, you heard it! Kenya Wildlife Service has appointed Ajuma Nasenyana as its new Aberdares National Park Ambassador to help boost arrivals and marketing the park internationally in a bid to drive tourist traffic. The announcement was made by Kenya Wildlife Service on 16th March 2016.

Speaking when she visited the park, the New York based model praised the park for its cultural richness and diversity that has not been marketed; and further stressed on enormous potential for growth in the tourism sector.

She promised to actively promote the park on social media, asking Kenyans to take time and promote local tourism. “Social media offers the biggest platform to create awareness and with that reason, I intend to use Facebook and Instagram in my campaign,” she said.

The KWS Ambassador Programme is an initiative by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture through Kenya Wildlife Service to engage prominent, well-established and influential Kenyans in various fields to promote the country among their circle of friends, fans, and network of contacts.
We’re confident that her role as Aberdares National Park Ambassador will further enhance Kenya’s tourism and bring great value and meaning to KWS promotional efforts.