Kenya Tops E-infrastructure Rankings In Africa

Kenya has claimed the top spot for e-infrastructure in Africa following a recent report released by Surfshark.

According to the report, Kenya took position 68 in e-infrastructure and secured the 76th slot in the overall digital quality of life worldwide.

“In many nations, ‘digital quality of life’ has merged into the broader concept of overall ‘quality of life’. There’s no other way to look at it now that so many daily activities, including work, education, and leisure, are done online,” a statement released reads.

In the overall category of internet quality, Kenya became 92nd, while 75th in e-government, making the country number three overall in digital quality.

“Kenya lags behind South Africa (72nd) but surpasses Nigeria (88th). Overall, African countries lag behind in their digital quality of life,” the statement added.

Despite these achievements, the report also sheds light on areas where Kenya can further improve its digital infrastructure.

The survey was done in five pillars; internet quality, internet affordability, e-security, e-infrastructure, and e-government.

Kenya’s internet quality was found to be 17 percent lower than the global average. For instance, fixed internet in Kenya averages 21 Mbps, while Singapore boasts the world’s fastest fixed internet at 300 Mbps.

Since 2022, mobile internet speed in Kenya has improved by 59 per cent, while fixed broadband speed has grown by 11 per cent.

Noting how the digital age has taken over, Kenya can take pride of the strides it has made to stay ahead in the world but there is always room for improvement.

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