Kenya Left Out As Tidal Hits Uganda

Kenya is considered an upwardly mobile trend setter in tech and an early adopter of new tech waves. We have seen the rise of commercial music platforms like Songa, BoomPlay, and Mdundo trying to push more content and propel local acts into a wider reach.

International streaming giant App Tidal just announced their partnership with our neighboring country Uganda. The partnership is between Tidal and telecom company MTN which will see over 10million MTN subscribers have a chance to access the huge catalog on Tidal at an affordable rate.

Uganda is the second country in Africa to partner with Tidal after South Africa and plans are in place to hit more countries. That begs the question, are our institutions and corporates that make money off music sleeping on the job?

Case in point, Safaricom has over 29.5 million subscribers in Kenya, they do have their own music App going but shouldn’t the guys in charge of that seek the benefits of teaming up with Tidal? This brings revenue to both the company and our artists expand their exposure.

Musicians, producers and anyone who is in the industry should probably be asking these kinds of questions so as to work towards getting our music to a wider market.

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