Kenya Film Commission Unveils The 13th Kalasha Awards Nominees

The Kenya Film Commission (KFC) revealed the highly anticipated 13th Kalasha Awards nominees. Scheduled to be the highlight of a week-long festival, the ceremony will occur on March 30th, 2024, at the prestigious Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC). This event promises to celebrate the crème de la crème of both Kenyan and international cinema and television.

This year’s edition breaks all previous records with a staggering 1500 entries across 37 categories. The surge in submissions, particularly in the animation category, reflects the burgeoning growth of the Kenyan film industry. Notably, there has been a commendable increase in international category submissions, signaling Kenya’s rising prominence on the global film stage.

A panel of distinguished professionals from various backgrounds in film and television meticulously evaluated the submissions to select the 13th Kalasha Awards nominees. This jury, comprised of individuals such as Naftally Muriuki from the Association of Animation Artists of Kenya (A3K), Elias Nabutete from the Kenya Scriptwriters Guild (KSG), and Annabel Cheshiniwe from the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB), among others, ensured fairness and impartiality in the selection process.

13th Kalasha Awards, Celebrating Kenya Film Excellence

“The Kalasha Awards remain a cornerstone in recognizing and celebrating exceptional talent within our industry,” remarked Mr. Timothy Owase, the CEO of the Kenya Film Commission. He highlighted the record-breaking submissions and the jury’s insights as indicative of the remarkable development and diversification of Kenya’s film and TV landscape. Owase expressed confidence that this year’s ceremony would be an unforgettable event, showcasing Kenyan creativity to the world.

However, the involvement of the public is crucial in making the 13th Kalasha Awards nominees list truly representative of audience preferences. Voting for favorite films and television shows in select categories is now open, allowing the audience to participate actively in honoring outstanding talent.

As the countdown begins to the 13th Kalasha International Film & TV Awards, anticipation mounts among filmmakers, industry professionals, and audiences alike. With a stellar lineup of nominees and a commitment to celebrating excellence, this year’s ceremony promises to be a memorable extravaganza, reaffirming Kenya’s position as a powerhouse in the world of film and television.

13th Kalasha Awards Nominees (Full List)

Best Lead Actor in a Film
  • Dr. Edwin Nyutho as Libabu in ‘Half Open Window’
  • Patrick Owino as Mzee Thabiti in ‘Mvera’
  • Pascal Tokodi as Melita in ‘A Familiar Christmas’
  • Emmanuel Mugo as Makena in ‘Itifaki’
  • Godwill Odhiambo as Dennis in ‘Where the River Divides’
Best Lead Actress in a Film
  • Lina Sande in ‘Mvera’
  • Nice Githinji as Koki Mandla in ‘The Caller’
  • Maureen Kunga as Noni in ‘A Familiar Christmas’
  • Mwixx Mutinda as Juliana in ‘Act of Love’
  • Shandra Daisy Apondi as Mary in ‘Where the River Divides’
Best Supporting Actor in a Film
  • Samson Omondi as Adili in ‘Half Open Window’
  • Jack (Hulk Shira) Mutinda as Agent John in ‘Itifaki’
  • Benjamin Onyango as Okoth in ‘Where the River Divides’
  • Michael Oluoch as Jawinaam in ‘Agonda’
  • Frank Ogutu as Otile in ‘Tembe’
Best Supporting Actress in a Film
  • Wangui Muiruri as Imani in ‘Half Open Window’
  • Kibibi Salim as Saumu in ‘Mvera’
  • Brenda Mwai as Milly Chanya in ‘The Caller’
  • Ruth Kamanzi as Immaculate in ‘A Familiar Christmas’
  • Ann Muli as Koki in ‘Murder Camp’
Best Editor
  • Hannah Wangari for ‘A Familiar Christmas’
  • Koome Mwirebua for ‘Act of Love’
  • Omar Hamza for ‘Itifaki’
  • MD Neely– Derek Hammeke for ‘Where the River Divides’
  • Steve Biko for ‘Murdered for Love’
Best Lighting Technician
  • Jordan Danelz for ‘Where the River Divides’
  • Joseph Churu for ‘Act of Love’
  • Jethro Omusieni for ‘Half Open Window’
  • Gregory Kiwo for ‘A Familiar Christmas’
  • Abdallah Salim for ‘Mvera’
Best Special Effects
  • Jirongo Luyali for ‘The War Within’
  • Omar Hamza for ‘Itifaki’
  • David Jalenga for ‘Where the River Divides’
  • Gladys Njeri for ‘Bazenga’
  • B. Maina Wanjohi for ‘Mvera’
Best Director of Photography
  • Daudi Anguka for ‘Mvera’
  • Andrew Bradford for ‘Where the River Divides’
  • Joel Ingo for ‘Venom – Beyond the Bite’
  • Elijah Kanyi for ‘Murdered for Love’
  • Jim Bishop for ‘Half Open Window’
Best Short Film
  • ‘Hell or High Water’ by Njuguna Nganga
  • ‘Itifaki’ by June Wairego
  • ‘Where the River Divides’ by Matrid Nyaga
  • ‘Bazenga’ by Jacktone Munala
  • ‘Act of Love’ by Shirleen Wangari
Best Documentary Feature
  • ‘Limo on the Run’ by Njoki Muhoho
  • ‘The Heartbreak Documentary’ by Dennis Ochieng
  • ‘Murdered for Love’ by John Allan Namu
  • ‘Death of a Kenyan Heiress – The Last Door’ by John Allan Namu
  • ‘Rajo’ by Peter Nolon
Best Documentary Short
  • ‘Embracing Brilliance’ by Samuel Oduor
  • ‘Venom – Beyond the Bite’ by Maurice Oniango
  • ‘Kiw’u – Thirst for Survival’ by Michael Mulwa
  • ‘Coffee Production Documentary’ by DEKUT- KFC Film Hub
  • ‘The Pink Champions’ by Omar Kibulanga
Best Make-up and Hair Stylist
  • Eva Waitherero for ‘Act of Love’
  • Fatma Muhidin Kayla for ‘Mvera’
  • Classford Saul for ‘A Familiar Christmas’
  • Njeri Gatheru for ‘Where the River Divides’
  • Purity Makandi for ‘Half Open Window’
Best Production Designer
  • Horace Onyango for ‘Mvera’
  • Richie Mulama for ‘Act of Love’
  • Nancy Aluoch for ‘Where the River Divides’
  • June Ndinya for ‘A Familiar Christmas’
  • Catherine Muema for ‘Murdered for Love’
Best Sound Designer
  • Felix Mwema for ‘Instant Dad’
  • Mbaru Patrick for ‘Act of Love’
  • Omar Hamza for ‘Itifaki’
  • Zak DeVries for ‘Where the River Divides’
  • Mercy Adundo for ‘Venom – Beyond the Bite’
Best Feature Film
  • ‘Half Open Window’ by Margaret Wacera
  • ‘Mvera’ by Daudi Anguka
  • ‘An Instant Dad’ by Jennifer Gatero
  • ‘A Familiar Christmas’ by Reuben Odang
  • ‘Mono’ by Joyce Gachanja
Best Original Screenplay
  • Matt Black for ‘Where the River Divides’
  • Brian Munene for ‘The Caller’
  • Voline Ogutu for ‘Mvera’
  • Teddy Gitau for ‘Half Open Window’
  • Gathoni Kamau for ‘Murder Camp’
Best Original Score
  • Alex Mugenda for ‘Mvera’
  • Israel Brandon for ‘An Instant Dad’
  • Lucas McNally for ‘Act of Love’
  • Kyle McCuiston for ‘Where the River Divides’
  • Ladbi Ommes for ‘Agonda’
Best Costume Designer
  • Eddah Wakesho for ‘Where the River Divides’
  • Michael Nzioki Mbithi for ‘A Very Merry Xmass’
  • Joy Dena for ‘Mvera’
  • Vivian Njeri for ‘Act of Love’
  • Aisha Muthoni for ‘Bazenga’
Best Director
  • Omar Hamza for ‘Half Open Window’
  • Daudi Anguka for ‘Mvera’
  • MD Neely for ‘Where the River Divides’
  • Elijah Kanyi for ‘Death of a Kenyan Heiress’
  • Eric M. Mwangi for ‘Act of Love’
Best Regional Film
  • ‘Wife for Hire’ by Robin Odongo
  • ‘The Whole Nine Yards’ by Victor ‘Viboks’ Omondi
  • ‘Barua la Uhamisho’ by Rodgers Maithya Mulatya
  • ‘Two Let’ by Nduruka Njoroge
  • ‘5 Jane and the Fried Chicken’ by Peterson Kariuki
Best Lead Actor in a TV Drama
  • Blessing Lunga’ho as Dominic in ‘Igiza’
  • Jimmi Gathu as Tandala in ‘Kina’
  • Charles Ouda as Melchizedek Karani in ‘Salem’
  • Isaboke Nyakundi as Elijah in ‘Shamba la Wanyama’
  • Sele Mzamil as Kisasi in ‘Sanura’
Best Lead Actress in a TV Drama
  • Serah Ndanu Teshna as Linda/Nicole in ‘Igiza’
  • Sanaipei Tande as Nana Tandala in ‘Kina’
  • Faith Kibathi as Rebecca in ‘Single Kiasi’
  • Ivy Wanjiku as Sanura in ‘Sanura’
  • Sarah Hassan as Nina in ‘Zari’
Best Supporting Actress in a TV Drama
  • Sophie Reuben as Safira in ‘Pete’
  • Aisha Said as Nyashee in ‘Sanura’
  • Brenda Wairimu as Lola in ‘Zari’
  • JulieBrenda Nyambura as Bella Mwakazi in ‘Kina’
  • Caroline Muhugu as Wanja in ‘Kasiri’
Best TV Advertisement
  • ‘Melano CC’ by Amit Ramrakha
  • ‘Nip Nap TVC’ by Caroline Wambui
  • ‘APA Moments of Past Disasters’ by Abu Melita
Best Performance in a TV Comedy
  • Ruth Nyambura in ‘Comedy Riot’
  • Abel Mutua in ‘Roast House’
  • Kevin Kasyoki in ‘Kam u Stay’
Best TV Show
  • ‘#Twende Modogashe’ by Margaret Wanjiku
  • ‘This Love+1’ by Eugene Mbugua
  • ‘Our Perfect Wedding S16 Show’ by Eugene Mbugua
  • ‘Best of Show’ by Eugene Mbugua
  • ‘The Real Housewives of Nairobi – S1’ by Eugene Mbugua
Best Supporting Actor in a TV Drama
  • Ojiambo Ainea as Musa in ‘Igiza’
  • Ndungi Githuku as Serro in ‘Kina’
  • Michael Munyoki as Eric in ‘Single Kiasi’
  • Mike Makori as Lwanda in ‘Zari’
  • Jeff Omondi Opondo as Sanchez in ‘Becky’
Best TV Drama
  • ‘Igiza’ by Abdulkadir Abdullahi
  • ‘Pepeta’ by James Kombo
  • ‘Single Kiasi’ by Grace Kahaki
  • ‘Zari’ by Khadija Hassan
  • ‘Kina Season 4’ by Appie Matere
Best TV Comedy
  • ‘Kam u Stay’ by Damaris Irungu
  • ‘Roast House’ by Caroline Wambui
  • ‘Comedy Riot’ by Caroline Wambui
Best Animation
  • ‘Kito and Chacha’ by Ebby Productions
  • ‘Death Valley’ by Stephen Kennedy Kyalo
  • ‘Blood Thirst’ by Luigi Sanya Ososo
  • ‘Mara Cry for Rain’ by John Irimu
  • ‘The Shepherd’ by Maureen Mureithi
Best Student Film
  • ‘Full Time Husband’ by MultiChoice Talent Factory
  • ‘Somewhere in Kole’ by MultiChoice Talent Factory
  • ‘Hex Appeal’ by USIU Africa
  • ‘God Forbid’ by Africa Digital Media Institute Film Aid Kenya
  • ‘Untold’
Best Kids Production
  • ‘Ndemwa M’ by Michael Mutahi
  • ‘Preschool Kids’ Learning’ by Ruth Muriithi
  • ‘Lets Dance’ by Luigi Sanya Ososo
  • ‘Storytime with Zuri, Jasiri and Toto’ by Brian Apanja
  • ‘Sikicho’s Long Day’ by Darren Collins
Best Viewers Choice (Feature)
  • ‘Half Open Window’ by Margaret Wacera
  • ‘Mvera’ by Daudi Anguka
  • ‘An Instant Dad’ by Jennifer Gatero
  • ‘A Familiar Christmas’ by Reuben Odanga
  • ‘Mono’ by Joyce Gachanja
Best International Award
  • ‘Heroic Bodies’ by Sara Suliman- Sudan
  • ‘The Midnight Bride’ by Doreen R. Kilimbe- Tanzania
  • ‘Unheard’ by Polly Kamukala- Uganda
  • ‘Love Transfusion (Kiapo Cha Damu)’ by Kefa Hussein Igilo- Tanzania
  • ‘My Woman’ by Brenda Malemba- Tanzania
Best Documentary by a Student
  • ‘Art on the Skin’ by Kenya Film School
  • ‘Treasure Beneath the Mangrove’ by Kenya Film School
  • ‘In the Language of Our Mothers’ by Film Aid Kenya
  • ‘Echoes of Home’ by Film Aid Kenya
  • ‘Is It Because I’m a Girl’ by Film Aid Kenya
Best Viewers Choice (TV Drama)
  • ‘Igiza’ by Abdulkadir Abdullahi
  • ‘Pepeta’ by James Kombo
  • ‘Single Kiasi’ by Grace Kahaki
  • ‘Zari’ by Khadija Hassan
  • ‘Kina Season 4’ by Appie Matere
Best Viewers Choice (Feature)
  • ‘Half Open Window’ by Margaret Wacera
  • ‘Mvera’ by Daudi Anguka
  • ‘An Instant Dad’ by Jennifer Gatero
  • ‘A Familiar Christmas’ by Reuben Odanga
  • ‘Mono’ by Joyce Gachanja

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