KFA 2018: Get Familiar With The Designers Showcasing

Kenyan fashion Awards is here once again. The award platform that highly aims at recognizing Kenyan talent is set to take place on Saturday 3rd November 2018, from 6 pm at the Norfolk Hotel.

An initiative which honors excellence in the Kenyan fashion industry has been consistent in recognizing an array of talent within the fashion space, ranging from designers to fashion photographers, models to stylists, makeup artists to retailers, fashion and design students as well as writers.

This year’s event looks to celebrate the symbiotic relationship between fashion and art, hence the theme – ‘Fashion Meets Art’

Just to give you a glimpse of what to expect, here are some of the designers participating in this year’s showcase.

Jamil Walji
Owner and lead fashion design at JW Couture. Re-known for representing Kenya at the Mozambique Fashion Week 2012 and 2014. A former lecturer in Malaysia, currently teaches fashion to a small group of students and hopes to one day open a fashion school.

Jamil Walji

Azra Walji
Having studied fashion in Malaysia and interned at KikoRomeo, Azra makes a comeback to the prestigious event after having attended the Heineken project that took place in Lagos. She hopes that her creative brands get recognition globally and in Africa.

Mohammed Bana
Known for his cloth line Bana Fashion house, the brand behind streetwear collection. Bana is one of the participating designers in this year’s award ceremony. His inspiration comes from a need to maintain the style of urban youth. He equally stands in against AIDS and women empowerment.

Ondfashion Kenya
Occasion and Days fashion by Monica Kanari as the name suggests highly deals with custom-made contemporary designs to match a client event need. The line that cuts across gown designs, graduation gear and the like, she’s been consistent in the market in helping people celebrate their events in style.


For the love of style, KFA invites everyone for an unforgettable award night.