Kempinski’s Concertini to Showcase Young Kenyan Musicians

It’s no secret just how much talent exists in our country. A synergy between these artists and other organizations is a big win. Kempinski’s latest event dubbed “Kempinski Concertini” has joined other Kenyan establishments dedicated to showcasing Kenyan talent. Of course, this is a 5 Star hotel we are talking about, which means classy and top-notch events and experiences.

The musical series will transform the beautiful K-Lounge into a stage for young artists all to honour Nairobi’s vibrant culture and nurture young talent. The idea was launched in 2017 to mark the 120th anniversary of Kempinski Hotels. The luxury hotel group sees its commitment to the arts as an essential component of its role in the community and holds Kempinski Concertini events at several hotels around the world.

Read on for a glimpse of the October edition, which we attended featuring one of the best Kenyan violinists; Chiluma Mbwana.

Chiluma or SuperViolinist as he is known on Instagram was impeccable throughout his 2-hr performance playing and educating his audience on some classics and then switching things up with some Kenyan tunes such as Ayub Ogada’s Koth Biro. He was accompanied by his guitar man and these two together gave us a romantic, serene, and melodious concertini. The exact kind of vibe that makes you appreciate Kenyan-grown talent. The event kicked off at 5:00 pm and went on till 7 pm. As you get entertained, you can order some tasty food and refreshments from the K-Lounge menu.

“Everyone at Villa Rosa Kempinski appreciates the magical performances of these young artists,” says Petra Baumann, General Manager of the hotel. “These talented musicians are full of enthusiasm for their music and we are delighted to support them at this important step in their career by offering a beautiful stage in Nairobi, where our guests from near and far can appreciate the memorable moments they create.”

Kempinski Concertini should be on the list of plans to check out every last Thursday of the month.

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