Keep Your Refrigerator Clean & Organized With These Simple Tips

The refrigerator is one of the most common kitchen appliances. It is where food is stored, therefore having a clean and organized fridge is not only paramount to the shelf life of the food stored in it, but also allows one to save on food costs.

Below are some simple tips on how to keep your refrigerator clean, fresh and organized:

Use baskets, lazy susans or designated shelves to organize food based on their purpose or expiry date

Storing similar foods in baskets will enable you to keep track of the different foods that are in the fridge and also keep it organized. You can label the baskets too for quick reference or designate different shelves for different food items. Lazy susans never go out of style as their ability to ease access of items while keeping them organized makes them a must-have for any well-organized fridge.

Wipe spills immediately

Spillages are bound to happen when putting or removing food from the fridge. Cleaning spills on containers and fridge shelves immediately will ensure that your fridge stays clean and fresh and also give you an easy time when deep cleaning your fridge.

Keep leftovers at the front most part and schedule them a consumption day on your menu

Leftovers should be placed at eye level where they are easy to access. It is also important to assign them a date in the menu in order to create room for fresh food and avoid wastage.

Store leftover food in airtight containers

Storing food in open tins will expose your fridge to funky smells and also reduce the shelf life of the food. Avoid using plates and cups to store food in the fridge. Use neat airtight containers to organize the food in your fridge and keep them fresh for longer.

Deep clean often

A good deep clean is essential as it will ensure that all accumulated dirt in the fridge is wiped out. Use mild cleaning agents such as vinegar, baking soda or mild dishwashing soap to clean up the fridge. Remove the detachable shelves and wash thoroughly.

Wipe the fridge exterior and organize the stickers on it

A clean fridge is not just about the inside. Ensure that you wipe the outer part of the fridge regularly especially on the handles which tend to accumulate dirt. Should you opt to decorate using stickers, then clean them often too and arrange them neatly on the fridge.

Declutter the fridge regularly

Some food items such as potatoes, eggs, onions, tomato sauces, bananas etc. do not need refrigeration. Put only the necessary foods in the fridge and declutter often to get rid of rotting food or consume leftovers before the next grocery shopping.

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