Keep Your House Smelling Fresh With These Simple Tips

One of the things that people notice first about your house is its scent. It is therefore important to ensure that your house has a pleasant smell. There could be a number of reasons why your house has a bad odor. Below are simple and practical tips on how to keep your house smelling fresh all day every day.

Clean up your house

The very first step towards a good smelling house is eliminating bad odor instead of masking it. The bad odor could be emanating from the dirt in your house. This could be dirty dishes, undone laundry, filthy bins, etc. Clean up the house including commonly forgotten things such as curtains, carpets, couch covers, and duvets to ensure that any bad odor is gotten rid of.

Open windows

This is a very simple yet important tip as it aerates the house by bringing fresh air. It also reduces dampness in wet rooms such as the bathroom thus removing all sorts of odors.

Use essential oils

Essentials oils are a great way to keep your house smelling fresh while customizing its scent. They can be used in DIY house mist sprays, diffusers, vacuum cleaners, toilet tissue paper rolls, etc. depending on your needs and taste.

Get rid of trash regularly

As simple as it sounds this goes a long way in keeping your house smelling fresh. Purchase smaller waste bags to allow you to take the trash out more often. Clean up and disinfect your trash bin regularly too.

Scented candles

These work magic in not only adding scent to your house but also creating a relaxing and homely atmosphere in your house. Be careful not to leave scented candles unattended to avoid causing fires.

Clean up your drainage

Dirty drainage in the sinks can cause a bad odor. Use drainage cleaners, hot water, or bleach to wash down the gunk that accumulates over time and kill any bad odor that may produce.

Use Baking Soda

This multipurpose household agent can be used as a deodorizer. It absorbs bad odors in various parts of the house such as the fridge, carpet, trash cans, etc.

DIY Air fresheners

In case you are keeping your house fresh on a budget, then a simple DIY of water in which lemon peels and rosemary were boiled in water will come through. This can be left in an open tin or sprayed around the house from a spray bottle.

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