KE Hip Hop Videos That You Should Definitely Check Out.

Hip Hop is doing some serious things in Kenya right now. I love that people are getting creative with their lyrics and videos and more acts are actually doing different things. Shout out to the new school rappers!

The pioneers of Hip Hop in Kenya have done their thing and paved way for these acts to be able to experiment with the sound and pushing their art as far as they could.

So this right here, is my highlight of top ten Hip Hop videos out this year that you definitely need to check out based on preference, creativity and content (to an extent). The list could be longer, maybe there will be a part two but check this out for now.

In no particular order, here we go.

1. Iz You Down- ZJ Heno ft. Kayvo Kforce, Khaligraph and Lon Jon.

I’ve already stated why I love this video and the track  so if you haven’t read my review, check it out here.

2. Mazishi- Khaligraph

Khaligraph is a monster lyrically. His work speaks for itself and he has worked with some of the best in the industry. He will never, at any point in time, fail to proclaim that he’s the best at it in this game and that’s cool because like I said, his work speaks for itself.

The audio was produced by Riccobeatz who he linked up with via Instagram (yes, you could use your account for more than just posting pictures) and Big Beats, Ares 66 had to have a hand in this I can bet on it. The video was directed by Johnson Kyalo. With the dope visuals and the sing-ability of the track (I mean how hard is it to remember “Wanajua ni mazishi”) this definitely had to make the list.

3. Makilo- Oksyde ft. Chiwawa

I feel like Oksyde switched up his flow on this record from what we’re normally used to. We as rap fans. He did say that Khaligraph, who he has known for quite a while, was supposed to be on the record originally but things didn’t work out so he got a Hip Hop heavyweight, Chiwawa, to be on it.

Makilo is a chest thumping track where Oksyde is basically enjoying himself and saying that “Kwa shingo nina makilo” which means his neck stays icy, if you know what I mean. Dope visuals to match too!

Check it out:

4. Prezidential- Octopizzo

When it comes to videos, Octopizzo definitely sets the bar up there and Prezidential was no different. I like the audio because of how singable the chorus is and the beat is quite catchy so I know that if this comes on at the club, I’m definitely turning up. It doesn’t hurt that the video looks good too.

5. Anna- Lofe ft. Javan and Raj

Raj is the artist that Hip Hop lovers in the 254 are more familiar with on this track. The track was recorded, mixed and mastered at MusicBank studios which, from my understanding, Raj runs and has a couple of artists under it.

Lofe and Javan are not part of the label (Lofe is under Moneymall) but they have a close relationship.

Anna represents any chic who looks good, is smart and has got her own. Yeah, Anna, they ain’t talking about you alone. Lol.

It really is great to see young artists coming up and producing such good quality. I’m a supporter of that.

6. Be Alright- Lon Jon

I’m a big fan of Lon Jon’s music. Let’s start that off there.He’s a great rapper and although he has admitted to feeling underrated before, he says that what he deserves is finally coming to him slowly and he doesn’t feel the need to defend his sound because many people have told him that he doesn’t sound Kenyan. Lon Jon mainly raps in English because that’s the language he’s comfortable with but he’s told me that there’s a track coming out where he adds a little Swahili into it. Before that drops, check out this video and read what I wrote about “Be Alright” here.

7. Gorilla – King Kaka

When King Kaka dropped a surprise mixtape called It’s The King to address the whole Who Is The King situation (rather indirectly) and I gave it a listen, I was excited. I finally had the King Kaka that I knew was a monster as far as delivery and story telling was concerned. Gorilla was one of the tracks, audio produced by Riccobeatz. King Kaka proves, in the video, that it’s possible to shoot a good Hip Hop video (emphasis on the genre) without booty shaking, flashy cars and bottles on bottles.

This is the record where he states why he is a beast on the mic and why he’s better than other rappers. Drops mic.

8. 25- Superprodusir ft. Kevin Grands

Before Superprodusir and Kevin Grands worked on Wish, they had worked on 25 and this time Superprodusir was rapping. 25 is a Hip Hop track which he (Superprodusir) also produced and it also signifies his age. He also dropped it on his birthday, December 31st  so you can tell that there was a lot of thought put into it.

On 25, Superprodusir speaks on the hustle and how he works way too hard in order to fulfill his dreams.

The video is quite dope too.

9. Muigai- Kayvo Kforce

Kforce is another artist who is known for flow and delivery and his body of work is definitely respected in Hip Hop circles. Muigai video was directed by Edward Martins who seems to be doing a pretty impressive job as far as video directing is concerned because he also shot Iz You Down and Be Alright, which are already featured above.

As is the norm with Hip Hop artists, this is another track where Kforce states that he’s good and so much so that he’s better than that. He’s the best.

The tenth spot. This is going to be a tough one. There are so many videos I would like to put on here but this is the one I’m gonna go with.

10. Pressure – Ordinareh Bingwa

When this Kenyan rapper based in South Coast, Diana,  put out this record and the visuals,  he never expected it to be received as well as it has. The video was dope so much so that it premiered on MTV Base before it was being played on local TV. Pressure talks about his struggles growing up in a region where most youth are abusing drugs and his quest to make money first without concentrating on getting an income off music.

Also as soon as OD put this out, the first comment encouraging him to keep at it was from none other than MDQ. That  counts for something.



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