Kaymo And Collo’s New Viral Hit Will Keep You Entertained

The comic duo Kaymo and Stigah of the gospel smash hit ”Thitima Anthem” last year have found a footing in the industry. The style they brought to the table of narrating bible verses comically over an infectious beat is the spine of their art and it helped demystify the seriousness of gospel realm.

Kaymo has a new record out titled ”Kanashika” and it is refreshing to the ear. The jam features the Bazokizo hit maker Collins Majale aka Collo and gagster Kabi Wa Jesus. The video is a hilarious watch from the onset.

Sampling the 1995 Mega hit from Dr. Dre and 2Pac California Love and turning the same chorus into a Swahili gag, Kaymo has a hit on his hands. Sonically, he knows how to juggle Swahili and Dholuo, throw in some ad-libs, narrate some Bible verses and ends up with a contagious hit. Collo also delivers a powerful verse with an actual message and you can see he is neck deep in the Gospel.

The video is the spice of the entire jam. The dancers involved re-enact ”Githeriman” scene all holding a plastic bag containing ”Githeri” a deed made popular during the past general election. They switch to brown paper bags, showcasing the effect of the plastic ban in the 254. The dance moves on the video are just breathtaking.

I love this type of music in a space where the top gospel acts are singing about material world thus Kaymo and Collo will get a shine for taking it to the cradle. This ”Kanashika” dance gets an 8/10 from me.



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