Kati Kati Is Headed To Kenyan Cinemas This Month

We’ve been waiting a long time for this one, and it’s finally here: Kati Kati – a film written by Mbithi alongside Mugambi Nthiga and which was honoured with the FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) prize for Discovery at TIFF at the tail end of last year, is finally set to hit Kenyan screens.

Mbithi (writer, director and former Just A Band member) recently posted about his excitement on his twitter account:

He indicated that there had been plans to have it in screens this past December, however as a result of obligations by cinemas, there was the need to push it ahead. The performance of the film in festivals around the world as well meant that a delay was inevitable.

I spoke to him immediately following TIFF, and he spoke about his expectations for the future – although said there is still a lot to learn: “Still figuring it out in fact” he adds. “I think I’ll have a process after like 2 or 3 movies, fingers crossed. But for now, it’s all about asking for help when needed…”

And collaboration in many cases – regardless of the industry helps to hone and tune ideas that may not have achieved real direction. “…working with Mugambi was fun and really collaborative. We just kept bouncing ideas back and forth and seeing what stuck. It was pretty free-form…” In case you missed the story check here.

Check out the trailer to Kati Kati here:

The film itself is produced by One Fine Day Films – their fifth production in Kenya. The team itself started a number of workshops in conjunction with Film Africa. Almost everyone engaged in Kati Kati participated in those workshops and through them were forged the relationships that eventually led to the start of the project.

Mbithi says that following the release of the film in Kenya, a film festival is also planed that will be looking to celebrate Kenyan Film and those behind the scenes.

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