Kati Kati: Another Kenyan Film Set For Netflix

Debuting in 2016 at the Film Africa Festival, Kati Kati by the Kenyan director Mbithi Masya is a compelling drama about life, death and life after death. The film is set to air on Netflix, Friday 3rd February. Mbithi Masya tweeted “Feels like we made this a lifetime ago. Still super proud and grateful to everyone who played a part in bringing it to the screen.”

Kati kati is exceptional filmmaking tapping into a recent trend of creating worlds where the rules only become clear through time. Great script, well acted, beautifully shot, affecting and witty this is a poignant reflection on love and death.

The film begins literally in the middle of nowhere, as Kaleche(Nyokabi Gethaiga) wanders lost and disoriented through the Kenyan grasslands, trying to remember how she got there, but her mind is blank. Dressed only in a hospital gown, she drifts aimlessly until she comes upon Kati Kati, a wilderness resort.

Directed by Mbithi Masya; written by Mbithi Masya and Mugambi Nthiga; starring Nyokabi Gethaiga, Elsaphan Njora, Paul Ogola, Peter King Mwania. Now there’s a wealth to choose from local content on Netflix.