Kate Actress To Join Other Celebs In Finance Bill Protest

Actress Kate Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, has declared her support for the protesters opposing the Finance Bill.

Sharing several movement posters on her Instagram, she firmly stated, “My stand has been and still is #RejectFinanceBill.”

Ms. Kamau joins other celebrities, such as Eddie Butita, who have faced backlash from Kenyans for what some called “fence-sitting.” Since last night, comedian Butita has notably lost about 200,000 subscribers from his YouTube channel.

Additionally, Kenyans online began boycotting products like Harpik and Nice & Lovely before Kate Actress clarified her stance. She serves as the brand ambassador for both products.

In her statement, she also emphasized that the Government of Kenya did not sponsor her trip to the US. Instead, she attended at the invitation of US Ambassador to Kenya, Meg Whitman.

Kate, an actress, was part of the entourage that accompanied President William Ruto on his state visit in May. The tour included attending a luncheon hosted at Tyler Perry Studios in honor of the president’s visit.

To dispel any remaining doubts, Ms. Kamau concluded her statement by saying, “Tupatane Thursday.”

Tuesday’s protest stylized as #RejectFinanceBill2024, was a significant example of digital activism in Kenya, following movements like #EndFemicideKE.

Among the celebrities spotted in the streets were musician Charisma from Le Band, Nadia Mukami with Arrow Bwoy, Juliani, media personalities Willis Raburu and Amina Abdi, digital content creators Murugi Munyi, who was teargassed and arrested, Carey Priscilla, who attended while pregnant, and actresses Patricia Kihoro and Jackie Matubia, as well as Mwalimu Rachel.

Singer and songwriter Atemi Oyungu also attended, sharing her experience online and criticizing the police for denying them their constitutional right to picket.

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