Kaskazini Band Exit Sol Generation Records

Afro-Fusion Boy band Kaskazini who are on a steady rise and backed by the label machine Sol Generation have taken a sharp career turn. Over the weekend, it announced that the group exited Sol Generation records. Lead singer Bien from Sauti Sol confirmed the news to the media.

Speaking about the situation, “It’s been so difficult. We started with four, and now there are two,” he said, referring to the exit of Crystal Asige and Kaskazini. “Right now we have Nviiri and Bensoul. They are the future of Kenyan music. It’s just business, and also about meeting our needs and their needs.” The group was left out of the new album Sauti Sol released and that was a concern hence rumour mills kicked off.

The trio doesn’t just sing, they are uniquely gifted with instruments too. The band’s members are Eugene Ywaya (vocals/guitar), Israel Onyach (vocals/bass guitar), and Chris Clave (vocals/guitar/keyboard). With such a rare combination of talent, it is not difficult to see why Sol Generation Records signed them.

Kaskazini’s official entry into the Kenyan music industry as a boy band was 2019 when they released their first official video under Sol Generation If I had your number. They also have done numerous collabos with artists like Nviiri, Bensoul and H-art the band amongst others. They are currently working on their debut album 1919 to forever.

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