Karun’s “À Nu” – A Bold Exploration of Vulnerability and Resilience

Kenyan RnB songstress Karun has unveiled her latest EP, “À Nu,” in a compelling display of artistry and emotional depth. At her recent listening party, the “Glow Up” singer described this seven-track project as an exploration of her most vulnerable self. The EP title “À Nu” serves as a double entendre, with “nu” meaning “bare” in French, while also signifying “new” in English—a fitting reflection of the raw and fresh perspectives presented in the EP.


The EP features the tracks: “Reason,” “How Far,” “Wondering Why,” “My Paradise,” “I’ll Tell You,” “Try Again,” and “I’m Done.” True to Karun’s description, these songs take listeners on an emotional rollercoaster, delving into deep themes such as mental health, love, relationships, abuse, and freedom.

The opening track, “Reason,” is a poignant ballad on mental health matters. In it, Karun seeks to understand a partner’s sorrow, questioning if they are entering a difficult phase. Furthermore, this song is a story within a story as Karun later sings consoling lyrics reminding the listeners of their resilience From its well-stacked vocals to its profound message Reason sets the pace for the project.

“How Far” addresses the disturbing realities of abuse, probing the lengths people go to either perpetrate or witness such acts. Despite the heavy themes, the EP is not devoid of lighter moments. “My Paradise” and “Wondering Why” (featuring Manifest) are upbeat Afropop tunes that bring a playful and flirty energy to the collection.

“À Nu” Storytelling

The arrangement of the EP itself tells a cohesive story, beginning with the introspective “Reason,” transitioning through the upbeat tracks, and concluding with the contemplative “Try Again” and “I’m Done.” This progression mirrors a journey from introspection and challenge to resolution and closure.

Produced by GR! & Hook, Karun revealed that the entire project came together in just two weeks. Despite the tight timeline, the producers created a safe and supportive environment, allowing Karun to be her most authentic and vulnerable self. This collaboration resulted in a project that feels both timely and meticulously crafted.

GR! & Hook

“À Nu” is now available on streaming platforms, offering listeners a chance to experience Karun’s journey of baring her soul through music. Many have said that Karun’s voice has grown over the years. This EP showcases her growth as an artist while remaining steadfast in her commitment to authenticity.

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