“Picture Hii Picha” Showcasing The Beauty of Diversity Through Photography

In a country where most university students indulge in too much partying, some are coming up with great ideas. A group of students from Kenyatta University introduced an initiative dubbed, “Picture Hii Picha”. Picha hii picha is campaign that allow the youth to tell their story through photography. Different youngsters have come together to be part of this amazing project and each has a unique story to tell. Picture Hii Picha brings to light the beauty of diversity and its enrichment in one’s life. By documenting lifestyles of different people and how they are able to adjust, these youngsters hope to change lives; their ultimate aim being to give rise to a generation that appreciates what they have and find a way to give back to the society.

The concept originated from Bob, a student at Kenyatta University. After selling it to one of his classmates, Alex Kiama, they decided that the project should be a documentary.  At the end of it all, the duo hopes to sell the project to an NGO and hopes that the campaign brings artists together for more projects in the future.



Some of the activities contained in the project includes: street photography, team building, hiking among others. Recently, during one of their street photo shoots, the crew came across a young boy, Timothy Waithaka, walking around the streets of Nairobi selling handmade toys. Timothy, who is 14 years old, from Dandora and works with his father to make the toys and sell them to get some money for his school fees and other essentials. His story, dubbed #timothy’s workshop will get to feature in the documentary.


Getting enough funds for the project has proved to be a major challenge as well as finding a balance for the project and their school work but the members are very hopeful. If all goes well, they intend to release the documentary sometime in February next year, and we at Kampus Buzz will be ready to write a review 🙂