Kamene Goro Launches New Radio Show

Prominent Radio presenter and media personality Kamene Goro has made a return to radio with a new radio station dubbed, Mo Radio.

Located in Mombasa, the media company welcomed the former Kiss FM presenter on board after her famous departure from Radio Africa.

The Radio Host in a statement, revealed that she will host the show, The Rush Hour, from 2 pm to 6 pm every weekday.

“Allow me to drive you home today with good vibes on MoRadio,” the excited presenter announced.

The Mombasa radio station also took to social media to announce their new radio host

“New voice, listen in (hashtag) MoRush with Kamene Goro. Enjoy,” read part of the announcement.

The announcement elicited different reactions from netizens who were both shocked and excited to see this new chapter in Kamene’s life.

“Happy to see you back on air, keep us entertained,” a fan stated.

“(Huku @MoRadioKE ndio Kamene Goro alienda) This Mo Radio is where Kamene Goro has gone? Okay Okay,” added another.

Kamene exited Kiss FM in January 2023, leaving many people unsure about what she had planned next.

However, she assured her fans that she was going to work on building her brand before she decides to pursue radio again.

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