Kamene Goro Gets Emotional As She Bids Jalang’o Goodbye

It’s official as of Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2022, celebrated radio personality Jalang’o resigned from Kiss 100, and his cohost Kamene Goro was overcome by emotions.

Jalang’o Kiss 100’s Farewell Bid

Felix Odiwuor shared his gratitude as he marked his last day at Kiss.

“As we call it a day here today, I want to send a few thankyous.

Definitely to the boss and CEO of this place who’s always been a friend and a brother, and has always opened this doors for me even when things look really dark on my side, Mr. Patrick Wako, I will never ever forget.”

Jalang’o also thanked his MD Martin Kafafa, HR Jemimah and his co-host Kamene Goro.

“Big shout out to you, that when they thought this won’t be able to work, we rose to the occasion, delivered to not only ourselves but to the listeners and to the clients,” he told Kamene.

Jalang’o also recognized Caroline Mutoko who he says believed in him from day one.

The Langata Member of Parliament aspirant thanked all the other staff members at Radio Africa group.

“Now today I mark the end of this amazing journey and I’m trying to begin a new one, and to give this new one full focus”

Jalang’o ended his farewell by thanking all the listeners.

“God bless Kiss, God Bless Radio Africa.” He concluded.

Kamene’s Emotional Message To Jalang’o As He Left Kiss 100

Kamene visibly emotional bid his cohost goodbye.

“This is so hard, but we are always going to be together ‘kila siku'”

She commented on his political bid;

“It’s your dream, I know it’s gonna come true for sure.”

She added;

“You are my bestie, my sponsor and biggest motivation.”

“So wishing you all the best, it’s been a dope ride, but huniachi, tuko pamoja.” She concluded