Kalekye Quits K24 To Start A More Personalized Video Channel

TV host Kalekye Mumo will no longer host talk show “Talk Central” on K24. Mumo, who has hosted the show for two years now, announced her resignation on Thursday during her last show.

Mumo shared several photos on Instagram thanking her co-hosts
gospel singer Moji Short Baba, Fridah Sande and her fans for the support.

“Two years is no short time to have people who continue to tune in every week consistently. This amazing gluten free cake is even from a fan,” she said on Instagram.


Regarding her next move, the former Kiss 100 FM host revealed that she’s starting a video channel that will share moving stories, mostly revolving around her life.

“I’m now putting together my own content on my own terms in my own channel which is what I’m looking to do. The feeling is that Kenyans want to get into my world to know more about me based on the things I post on social media when it gets to a personal level,” she said while speaking to Pulse Live 

“So I want to do interviews yes, but now in a style that is things I like, things that affect me personally, things that have been affecting society and that in a format that will capitalize on social media because the future has become digital.

Mumo interviewed almost every top celebrity in Kenya during her stint at Talk Central. All the stories shared were aimed at inspiring and motivating her viewers,

Her new Vlog wouldn’t be any different.


“It has been fantastic, getting into the world of TV, doing interviews and getting people to feel comfortable and safe enough to tell me that haven’t been able to tell blogs and other people has been great that people feel comfortable and safe around me and trust me with their stories,” she said.

“I think that has gone a long way in inspiring and motivating the viewers with some of the stories the people share, especially the growth not assuming that somebody is being celebrated or in a position of influence because they woke up and just became but how the journey is.”

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