Kalekye Mumo Reveals Major Struggle Faced In Pursuit Of Her Media Career

Former K24 News Anchor Kalekye Mumo has opened up on one of the major setbacks she encountered in pursuit of her passion and dream in the media industry.

Speaking on Engage talk, the media personality revealed that she had very minimal support from her mother and this forced her to soldier on and not give up on her interests despite the fact that her mom did everything to draw her away from her outgoing personality.

Drawing her inspiration from the then Voice of Kenya, Kalekye had clarity on what she wanted to pursue.

“I knew I wanted to be inside the radio. That was what really moved me. My mother did not like that idea at all. I chose to follow what I liked, ignore what was going on in her world.” she stated

She describes her mother as one who has a fixed perception in regard to the sequence of success and in her view, Kaleyke always seemed to drift far from this presumed pattern.

Kalekye recalls how she has to repeat a class in primary school as her mother feared that she was in bad company and in another instance, she was taken to a boarding school in Ukambani to keep her away from participating in artistic ventures.

According to her, this did not stop her from taking part in activities like drama and music which played a major role in shaping her career.

After studying International Relations in USIU, Kalekye landed a job as an office manager for homeboys DJs which her mother was not proud of.

Even though her mother had once hoped that she would change her mind and take a different path in her career, Kalekye’s brand became bigger after she was employed as a news anchor and presenter at Kiss 100.

This huge deal with the prestigious radio station was enough to prove her mother wrong and entirely change her perspective. Kalekye reveals that this opportunity narrowed the gap between them and was something her mom was eventually proud of.

After 10 years of working at the radio station, Kalekye worked for K24 on the Talk central show before announcing her exit with intentions of building her own brand.

Through her KM network which she manages, the radio queen has been sharing episodes of her show titled ‘Live and Uncut’ and has earned herself a huge following on this platform.

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