Kalamashaka ‘Mwisho Wa Mwanzo’ Album Review

After a 10 year hiatus, Hip Hop legends Kalamashaka are back on the scene with their new album,  Mwisho Wa Mwanzo  (The Beginning of the End). Kama, Vigeti and Roba came together to record the album and they managed to make a well-rounded, well thought through album.

The album features production from Swedish based producer, Ken Ring .This is a raw album that digs deep into the psyche of the group and can be listened to as a biopic. The album covers their lives, troubles with the law, drugs and also their struggle in the music industry.

Mwisho Wa Mwanzo  is chock full of thought provoking bars and beautiful story telling that K-Shaka do so well. Highlights in the album include ‘Aste Aste’ which features Alai K and samples off Tracy Chapman’s classic hit ‘Crossroads‘and takes the tone off the album down to a sombre reminiscent mood.

‘Maisha mabovu ndio ati haiwezi niacha, Dandora ndio sinema mzeiya,watoto wadogo wanazokuwa wakinena mzeiya, madawa kwenye streets, maboy wamepagawa na hio shit, kuingia harusi kutokanga ni matanga si unajuwanga venye inakuwanga,’

Other notable tracks include ‘Disappear’ a track that talks about the rise and fall of Kalamashaka. Vigeti rhymes takes us back in time and explains what made them take a break from seemingly deluded music industry and why kalamashaka will never disappear.

Mwisho Wa Mwanzo is out and available on Waabeh

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